Frequently Asked Questions

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  • %[if edit]%Permalink: #%id=titleID%_%id=itemID%_%(0 + 1)%%[endif]%What type of marquees do you hire?[+]

    We hire modern weatherproof frame marquees in a wide range of styles (we no longer hire traditional marquees)
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    We specialise in Weddings,Parties, Balls & Anniversaries only.
    We do not supply marquees for ploughing matches, christenings, county shows, fetes or corporate events.
    We will only supply a complete event structure with furniture, lining, lighting etc.
    Minimum 60 guests - maximum 1000 guests
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    Download one of our standard packages to get an idea of what you need to budget
    Arrange a free no obligation site survey with one of our experts which will give you a site specific ACCURATE quotation.
    If your venue is somewhere we have worked before - arrange a free no obligation ideas meeting at Camelot H.Q.
    ( Online quotations are often priced to ‘get the job’ and will invariably 'miss off' important items such as heating, loos, cold room, carpark lighting, exterior matting, wet weather reception space etc. in order to secure the job. The essential 'extras' will be added later!)
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    Our first marquee season was 1990.
    Your marquee build crew will be headed up by onsite managers of over 25 years and 16 years experience.
  • %[if edit]%Permalink: #%id=titleID%_%id=itemID%_%(4 + 1)%%[endif]%When will my marquee be delivered?[+]

    Usually Tuesday or Thursday, we come back to remove it again on Monday or Wednesday.
  • %[if edit]%Permalink: #%id=titleID%_%id=itemID%_%(5 + 1)%%[endif]%Can I alter my order once booked?[+]

    Up until 10 days before your event you can alter anything on the order (certain larger items have a longer cancellation period as detailed in your Hire Guide)
  • %[if edit]%Permalink: #%id=titleID%_%id=itemID%_%(6 + 1)%%[endif]%Why does Camelot push for a FREE site survey or ideas meeting?[+]

    In the same way that an architect would not be able to accurately price a construction project without seeing the site and discussing the requirements with you - neither can we.
    (Access, ground conditions, hazards, security, distance from parking if wet, orientation of the structures, power requirements, loo position etc.)
    At your site survey we can give you tips and hints to get the most from your budget and give your guests the 'wow' factor.
  • %[if edit]%Permalink: #%id=titleID%_%id=itemID%_%(7 + 1)%%[endif]%Is Camelot expensive?[+]

    Ask anyone who has used us and they would say we are great value for money. We are not the cheapest but offer a very high level of equipment specification and a truly professional service. You really do get what you pay for in the marquee and events industry.
  • %[if edit]%Permalink: #%id=titleID%_%id=itemID%_%(8 + 1)%%[endif]%Do you offer a complete package?[+]

    We offer what we think is the best solution giving you a beautiful marquee and your CHOICE of selected Camelot Partners for everything else.
    (Head to the 'GO' page for details)
  • %[if edit]%Permalink: #%id=titleID%_%id=itemID%_%(9 + 1)%%[endif]%Are your testimonials real?[+]

    Most certainly yes !
    We don't write them ourselves and are happy to show you the 350 + actual letters we have on file.
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